A new brand identity to express our values

History, innovation and modernity, with an eye always on tradition. In creating a ‘new’ brand identity, we want to convey all the values that have guided us from the year of our foundation to the present day. Today, as in the past, the world of playing cards is very much our essence. We want to tell you the story of our new logo, and about the different logos that represent our different lines.

To win, don’t stay in the pack: restyling.

Our new corporate logo is a deliberate return to the past with a contemporary feel. 

The traditional green hand holds up the Ace of Hearts associated with our brand name design in the now iconic red that sets us apart. 

Green represents renewal, vitality and growth; white symbolises a new beginning as well as perfection and completeness; last, red the colour of passion and of our heart.

The distinctive and iconic logo is in the three colours (that of the Italian flag) that symbolise our Italian identity.

Dal Negro: playing cards

In our playing cards line, we include products that have always been important to us. Playing cards, card games and tarot cards are still our core business. They promote togetherness, friendship, fun and memory, and when received as gifts, they inspire esteem and gratitude.

Dal Negro Exclusive: classic handcrafted quality wooden games

For our line of traditional classic board games made of wood and other fine materials, we have chosen platinum as the colour to symbolise exclusiveness, eternal durability, the preciousness of scarcity, and the prestige of owning a unique item.

What does this line comprise?

Unique and elegant items, refined with prestigious finishes, all designed and made to the highest standards by valued craftsmen and women who blend modern and artisanal construction techniques. Constant technological research, the refinement of production processes, and a meticulous attention to materials have led Dal Negro to exemplify the quality of Italian-made excellence.

Dal Negro Casino: Italian tradition and quality.

The company’s focus has always been the use of first-class production materials and a respect for tradition. Over the years, we have refined our playing card manufacturing techniques to high standards of quality and safety, making us a leader in the field of professional and casino playing cards. 

We have chosen gold – the colour of extravagance, quality, prestige and refinement – to be associated with this new logo.

Dal Negro Toys: children’s games.

Today, more than ever, we want to keep bringing joy to homes, while also conveying that something extra: having fun while playing and learning. It is a simple yet meaningful ethos that includes the whole family. 

No detail is overlooked in the manufacture of children’s toys. Products are designed with creativity and imagination, to make childhood come alive.

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