Our company has evolved significantly in recent years. From being a manufacturer of card games, we have expanded our customer base to include the casino sector and we have entered the toy sector. In recent years, the toy sector has become an important part of our business. From a company that marketed games, we have become a company that designs games, paying particular attention to what is new on the market, guaranteeing innovation without however losing sight of tradition.

Teodomiro Dal Negro S.r.l. has always had a keen eye for technological innovation, and this is still a priority of ours, not least to guarantee, in addition to constant product quality, the customisation of requests.

In the same way, in the realisation of our products we guarantee the satisfaction of all applicable requirements, such as, for example, compliance with toy safety regulations.

In order to face all the new challenges, we have to guarantee an ever-increasing efficiency of our organisation, without forgetting to consolidate the company’s cultural heritage matured of experience in the playing cards sector.

Our primary goal remains customer satisfaction. Our mission has also become our motto “life is… play”.

All the people working in the company must be involved in the process activated to achieve the company’s strategic objectives, aware of their role in the achievement of these objectives. Suppliers of products or services will also be involved in these activities, as contributors to the achievement of the final goal.

The System will be the subject of annual review in order to assess the results achieved and to plan actions for improvement. On that occasion, the effectiveness of this Quality Policy will also be assessed.

Carbonera, 20 October 2018
The Ownership